Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Small Quilted Projects

I finished up 2 small projects this week.  First, a scarf made with the Tea House charm pack, and backed with light green flannel, made using this Moda tutorial.

Second, I made a "flat" butterfly for my daughter. I absolutely love the new "Flats" line of fabric & cut out dolls, but I just can't commit to that much cutting, fusible fleece & velcro!! So instead a made a flat butterfly with 2 layers of fabric, batting, some quilting and zigzag stitch!!

While it's fun making quilts, I do love the quick satisfaction of a small project.

- Susan

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two quilts finished

I finished up TWO quilts this weekend, that was quite an accomplishment for me!

First I quilted and bound the strippy top that I have posted before.

Here it is all done. The binding is actually purple, not blue as it looks in the picture. This quilt has found a home on my daughter's twin bed!


And a close-up of my questionable binding job:

I also quilted and bound a very easy layer cake quilt, it's just squares and rectangles. I love the bright colors in this one. It is a throw-size and is on my couch!

And another questionable binding job!

Still, as I have been told, sometimes DONE is better than PERFECT! :)


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Panel Quilt

I had an awesome piece of fabric that I couldn't stand to cut up, so I made it the center panel in a very easy quilt:

This went together really fast, and is a large toddler quilt similar to my scrap quilt

Binding is slightly less of a mess than last time, so that's good!

This little quilt has been adopted by my younger daughter. Now I need to make the kids some quilts that actually fit their beds!

- Susan

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another scrap quilt

I saw this scrap quilt in Quilty magazine and wanted to make something similar with all the random bit & pieces I had laying around:

Kid Potential

This is supposed to be an easy beginner quilt, but it was really hard for me because there were SO MANY seams to keep track of. Keeping everything pressed and flat, and sewing over SO MANY seams was really a challenge. Did I mention that there were SO MANY seams?? :)

Here's how my version turned out:

pieced quilt top

finished & bound quilt

as usual, my binding is a mess!

This is a large toddler size quilt and I'm happy to report that my non-toddler daughter is sleeping with it and dragging it around the house for lots of snuggling. So overall it's a success!