Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pieced scrap quilt

This quilt top is made from lots of scraps that I bought at The Scrap Exchange thrift store. I actually bought the fabric on ebay but the store is only about 30 minutes from me. So I was able to go and pick it up rather than pay the $24 (!!!!) in shipping.

I am thrilled with how the quilt top turned out, and it's the perfect size for a twin bed. I am going to check with my friendly neighborhood quilt shop about getting it long-arm quilted because I don't think I'm up for machine quilting it - and I don't even have a walking foot anyway!

Here it is laid out on a twin bed (bad picture for the colors, the above picture is better for how the colors really look)

This is only my second quilt top, and this was A LOT of work for me. I had no idea what I was doing and was just looking at online tutorials and winging it, trying various ways of strip piecing, string piecing, and cutting out the blocks. I learned SO much through a lot of trial & error!

Thanks for looking!! I hope you like it! I am completely tickled pink (and purple!) with it! :)


  1. Really pretty quilt with the lights and darks together:)

  2. I love a good scrap quilt. Nice work.

  3. Looks beautiful - you did a wonderful job for your second quilt top!! Youtube and tutorials abound and I've learned so much by looking and watching and see what others post. The colours are beautiful. How big is your quilt top?