Friday, January 13, 2012

A good place to start

When I went to "Archiver's" in Raleigh for the first time with Susan and Taneal, I was completely overwhelmed with their amazing selection. I had taken quite a break from crafting so to start I purchased a kit and made these adorable cards. 

My creative spirit got a great kick start as well as my confidence to play with my own layouts.


  1. Cute cards! I wish there was an Archivers close to me....Either way it's like a 4 hour drive to get to one! Oh well! Ever been to the Super Scrapbook store in Sevierville Tn? It's pretty big too!

    1. Thanks! I haven't made it to TN - only driven through. Sorry you have such a hike to Archiver's, we're lucky with only a 45 minute drive. I saw on your profile that you like Janet Evanovich. Susan and I are big fans. We're looking forward to the movie, though I wish it was Sandra Bullock around the time she made miss Congeniality. That's more how I picture Stephanie Plum.

  2. Sandee, I have been to the Super Scrapbook Store in Sevierville! It is awesome! Good deals too! We went to the waterslides/hotel there and did some shopping too.

    Charlotte, love these cards and sure my mom will love the one I send her for her B-day :)