Thursday, July 25, 2013

1930s Reproduction Quilt

I fell in love with a quilt made in 1930 that I found on the Quilt Index. I ordered some 1930s reproduction fabric, a white layer cake, and set out to create my own version!

I've been calling this baby Quilt-zilla because it is ENORMOUS. The top is finished and it's large enough for the king size bed we will be (someday) upgrading to! I have no hope of quilting this on my home machine, so it will definitely be getting sent out for quilting.

At the moment, I'm sick of looking at it and have it folded up and put away. I don't want to see another strip set for a looong time!



  1. Love love love this quilt. I am working on a 1930's dresden plate quilt at the moment and I love the fabrics and patterns of this era.

  2. This is really pretty! Great job. i love repro prints!

  3. Your quilt is just gorgeous. I love the movement that is created with the light and dark fabric. Love 1930s fabric also. Just finished my quilt top with 1930s fabric. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day........Marie (

  4. Hah! Love baby quilt-zilla! I also love the color combo!

  5. Simple, yet gorgeous. I am also a lover of all 1930's prints. I think we need to see some close ups of your fabrics... Oh, and I love the emphasis on green - it gives it a more mature, not as baby-ish look.