Monday, May 28, 2012

More Altered Book

I've been working my way (very) slowly through the Altered Book Class at Altered Book Lover.

I posted earlier my butterfly niche page for Lessons 1-3 and have since done several more pages.

I didn't do a separate page for each lesson, but rather did several pages encompassing the design principles & elements (lessons 5,6,7). I found it hard to identify and separate out each principle and element and work on just one at a time. That's something I'd like to go back and work on further.

I particularly found Harmony and Unity as challenging concepts. What I tried to focus on for Unity was "When a composition has unity, the design will be viewed as one piece, as a whole, and not as separate elements or parts. "

This page shows movement (the dancers) and balance & proportion (smaller upper and lower pictures beneath the larger center picture)

The problem I see with this layout is that it has harmony (all elements encompass a Postal theme) but there is no focal point! I've made a nice background here, just need to find a focal point to emphasize.

This layout is the opposite of the one above. It has a focal point (the bright pieced butterfly) but the other elements are disjointed and don't have harmony or unity.

This is my favorite layout so far. The woman is the focal point, the butterflies add movement and the whole piece looks like one complete image to me.

I love the focal point image of the girls, but I think I got a little carried away using my paints to add contrast around the focal point. It kind of looks like a bloodbath!

Here I'm really happy with the end product, the focal point and background work well together. The large focal point balances well with the small gold squares opposite.

This is meant to show radial balance. It's a bit boring though.

I'm up through Lesson 7 and can't decide whether to move ahead or go back and work through the concepts again because I'm not 100% comfortable that I've got them all down so far. It's a lot of material to grasp!

Thanks for looking.

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  1. I had so much trouble getting here. I finally made it, though. I'm really glad I did, too, because I believe you are right on the money with your evaluations. Like you, I love the lady and butterflies with the sheet music background.

    I think I would leave them all for awhile. When you start making more collages, go back and see if you still have the same feelings, or if your feelings have changed. I personally would not change the first spread above, but a couple of focal images like birds or airplanes might be appropriate for the "fly" spread. You will be able to work on this one in the upcoming weeks when we work with magazine images.

    I personally really like the two final spreads you showed. I don't think the last one is boring at all, but balanced nicely. Keep up the awesome work. I can tell you have put a great deal of thought and heart into these pages.