Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mixed media art journal

I'm loving this Strathmore art journal, particularly the 5 1/2 x 8 size which is just right for me. I am planning to start a larger size journal in January for a monthly calendar journal page, but generally I like this smaller size.

More art journal pages here and here!

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  1. Hi Susan: Your muted, earthy tones are wonderful! I particularly like that it appears there is such abandon to your journal - each 2 pages being SO unique and cherishable - funky, grungy, personal, papered...and I giggled at the last one because I am SOOOO there with you!!!! These are colors I tend not to use and I absolutely LOVE. I think I am scared of them so I look at your journal pages with GREAT interest to see how you have used them. I love the birds and the flower at the top, but also love the abandon of the last two pieces. I believe I do get inspired by it all! Yay for finding you Susan! "Just a piece of Crimson in Clover!" Samara