Monday, April 22, 2013

Black and White Collage

I meant for this to be all black & white with the hint of neutral in the number cards, but as you can see I accidentally bled some reddish paint from another collage onto this page. Whoops! I still love it though, mostly how those large numbers really take over the page.

Shared at Glue It Tuesday and Art Journal Every Day!
- Susan


  1. Actually... The accidental bleed really works. I call that a happy accident : )

  2. oh, this looks great! clever combo!

  3. O for a minute there I thought you glued money down on your collage. I got a little exited for a moment, hahaha. I actually love the red bleed through on the edge of the page. Give it a more authentic aged feel.
    Great job!

  4. Hi Susan,

    I came over from Aimee's place; just had to see what Glue It Tuesday is all about. I really like the red tint to part of the page!


  5. I love your stamp background. Great cut-out of the car! {:-Deb

  6. love the composition really draws you in.

  7. I second what others have written above: the red works with the black and white.

    I have done the same thing with my art journal so now I put some folded in half wax paper sheets between the pages so that hopefully the colors don't go where I don't mean them to go.

    As Lynn wrote, this was a happy accident.

  8. What a great car image! I always have some strange "interloper" from other pages. I've decided (like Lynn says above) that these "happy accidents" add extra character to my spreads!

  9. It's GREAT! love everything about it!

  10. I love everything about it as well. The red bleed through was a happy accident in my opinion.