Friday, May 17, 2013

Mini Doll Quilt

I am a very new quilter, and I made this doll quilt to practice half square triangles. It uses charm pack squares left over from my first 2 quilting attempts of a quilted bag and a (fail) travel sewing kit.

I am so happy with how this doll quilt turned out, especially the pops of bright orange triangles in the middle. I want to try another HST quilt but this time I'll probably do a half solid/half pattern to make it a little less busy on the eyes!

But the most important thing is that my daughter loves her new dolly quilt! :)

Thanks for looking!
- Susan

Sharing this at Finish it up Up Friday! I thought I linked this up last week but apparently I failed to FINISH linking it! :D

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  1. Your little quilt is lovely! Well done. I think your instinct to add a solid colour is right! When I started quilting, I made the same "mistake". Your pretty fabric needs a "stage" to shine on! Solids or fillers do just that!
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