Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quilted Travel Sewing Kit

I found a gorgeous tutorial for a sewing kit, but it was kind of a FAIL for me! First, a picture:

Eek!  The binding is a total and complete FAIL. I followed the directions on what size binding, and followed the tutorial to the best of my understanding.... but obviously this isn't right. And I really couldn't even keep this giant binding on there straight, as you can see from my wonky stitching!!

After watching a Jenny Doan tutorial, I realize now what I was supposed to do, and that purchased 2 1/4 inch quilt binding is not the same as making your own binding, but honestly I am not going to rip this all up!

Here is the inside:

It's still functional as a travel sewing kit, even if it ain't pretty.  I am going to chalk this up as my beginner problems, because plenty of other folks commented on the tutorial about how great it was.

Problem exists between sewing machine and chair! :)

I made the front pieced section using the Jelly Roll Race technique I'd seen on a Jenny Doan video because I wanted to try that out with a few small strips, without the pressure of a whole jelly roll!  So as for that part of it, I'm happy with it. But as for the binding part, definitely a fail! lol

- Susan


  1. Ah well you live and learn, my first quilt binding for my son was NOT at all a success either:) crazymomquilts has an excellent tutorial for binding.

  2. Binding is so tricky, i read and watched lots of different tutorials before I did my first quilt and the binding still turned out baggy, I think i just got better with practice! I'm linking up a recovery from a failure this week too, i think it's as important to share the mistakes as well as the successes. I love the fabrics you used, i just got my charm pack of twenty three in the post today although i don't know what i 'll be making with it yet! :o)

  3. My first binding i made like store bought bias tape, i didn't realize that it should have just been folded in half and stitched down, then folded over and stitched again. It's still holding up but for how long i'm not sure :)

  4. binding can be tough! Until my last quilt I had always done "back over binding." I finally tackled a proper binding after almost 15 years! The good thing is, once you do it, even if you aren't completely happy with the results, you'll know how to improve next time!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation